JOHANNESBURG, Jun 12, 2010 / — South African swimwear designer Dax Martin is one of 11 international designers to be invited to the Gran Canaria Moda Cálida show in Las Palmas, Spain, at the end of June.

Martin is well known for his striking pieces that have been seen by television viewers around the world during the Miss World 2009 and 2010 pageants, when more than 100 contestants at a time modeled his swimsuits.

“It’s a very high honour to be placed up there on the same level as other international designers such as Andres Sardá, La Perla, Dolores Cortes, Guillermina Baeza, TCN, Dos Mares, Gema, Vanity Fair, Modesto Lomba and Javier Larrainzar,” says Martin. “I’m still on a ‘pinch-me’ high!”

He reveals that designs for this collection will be “inky, shiny black, simple, clean and striking. No frills, just deep, sexy, seductive black shapes wending their way across the body.” Influenced by his affinity to the ocean, mother-of-pearl and silver hues will also feature strongly.

His signature monokini will dominate the new collection. “My pieces are about looking glamorous around the pool party and the beach – they’re not really tan-friendly,” he quips. “They’re used a lot in international modeling competitions.”

While much of his swimwear is almost architectural in design – using metal rings, beading and diamante – the mainly seamless construction ensures that the garments fit and feel as luxurious as they look.

He explains: “My whole philosophy is not based on prevailing trends but on innovation in terms of construction, so that the garment looks classy and fits extremely well. In this respect, I’m dictated to by the fabrics I use – mainly lycra.”

Martin has taken part in various fashion weeks, including showcasing lingerie during this year’s Audi Joburg Fashion Week, and may be presenting a hybridized version of the swimwear collection he shows in Spain during future South African shows.

He will be taking part in shows and round-table discussions at the Gran Canaria Moda Cálida show from 24 to 27 June 2010 – right in the middle of Spain’s World Cup campaign in South Africa.