NEW YORK, Jun 7, 2010: Love Brigade Clothing, in its ripe age of four years, will soon be undergoing a massive overhaul, which will include internal restructuring and redirecting its focus to a much bigger and personally rewarding scale.

Dissolving all current wholesale accounts, from now until Fall 2011, the Brooklyn-based collective will reset their sights on their initial goal of being a self-sufficient retailer, with hopes of opening many more Love Brigade stores in the future.

Love Brigade will focus on strengthening their online sales and their flagship retail store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Come Fall, they will rework their business plan to reflect the future growth in anticipation for more capital to grow their big footprint in New York’s fashion and music scenes.

Love Brigade still stands by its ethics to produce domestically in NYC, not overseas. While witnessing how many other brands have been forced to lower their quality and price points to an all-time low, Love Brigade refused to join the “Rat Race” and produce items simply to make a dollar.