NEW YORK, Jun 17, 2010 / — Launched by Milus in 2008, the TIRION TriRetrograde watch has established itself as one of the company’s emblematic items.

Milus has made its trademark by characterizing the seconds display by means of three retrograde hands now presented in a new version whose dial elements are the result of superb decorative work carried out as much with an eye on quality as on legibility.

The watches which stand out in the history of watchmaking have frequently been those for which it has been possible to rewrite certain horological codes. This creative work has generally been carried out via an intelligent transgression of existing codes and the Milus brand is a remarkable example in this respect.

Indeed, whilst the display of the retrograde type is reserved for more static functions such as the hour, minutes or even functions related to the calendar (day, date, month)…, Milus has taken the decision to use it not only for the seconds display but also to use three hands instead of one.

In the case of the Tirion TriRetrograde model, the result is a watch whose face is incessantly in motion offering a subtle balance between playful expressiveness and watchmaking sophistication. Milus clients have not been mistaken by their choices and it has become a great success for them; originality frequently rhymes with success…

Milus is offering a new version of this henceforth celebrity timepiece. Taking the opposite approach of the preceding versions for which the watchword had been transparency and visibility of the components, this model features assembly work which concentrates on the dial.

Accordingly, the dial is made up of two distinctive parts: the first part, bearing the hour circle and the motion work, has been the subject of stamped decoration in the form of centric waves of extreme finesse.

The second part, situated in the centre, also features stamped decoration but in “soleil” form and with more pronounced lines. Their cream colour brings out the Arabic numerals and the index particularly well with their anthracite colour, both of which, with the hands and the calendar disc covered in luminescent material, contribute to the perfect legibility of the ensemble.

The centre of the dial still has the three bridges on which as many second hands punctuate the passing time in a perfectly controlled ballet. All are fixed by means of blued screws, a code of beautiful watchmaking that will be appreciated by connoisseurs.

The case side has mounted strip attachments, also a sign of genuine watchmaking sophistication, as well as a transparent back cover which makes it possible to admire the mechanical movement with automatic winding whose oscillating weight has been cut away to give it the shape of the Milus logo.

This same movement features the exclusive Milus 3838 module whose ingenious mechanism runs the tri-retrograde seconds display.

A mixture of fantasy as well as technical watchmaking skills, the new Tirion TriRetrograde is renewed proof of the expertise acquired by Milus in the field of retrograde displays.