Recycle Shoes by Liza Fredrika Aslund

MILAN, Jul 13, 2010 / — Fifteen artists were chosen winners for the first creative call of What’s More Alive Than You, a unique fashion cooperative that realizes artwork to become a wearable item.

Liza Fredrika Aslund of Sweden and Tomas Trenchard of Ireland are two of the 15 winners.

Nykoping, Sweden – (born March 20, 1980)

I studied fashion at the Danish Designschool in Copenhagen, where I’m also living right now. I love to go running in the Swedish forest with my dad and to solve crossword puzzles. In my designs, I like to build things, combine them together, and I also like boring things, boring colours, and boring materials.


A simple project, but complex construction, requiring the intervention of expert hands to build the entire structure of the shoe and in particular of the heel.

The upper is made of goatskin natural tanned and elastic that has led to make the point plateau with a single piece. The heel is composed of pieces of wood used for the construction of chairs and tables. The wooden parts are properly cut and mounted by hand one by one on an iron pin, painted, dyed and securely fastened to the heel of the shoe as to compose a single body. These wooden heels are so different from one another by being built entirely by hand.

The height of the shoe is 120mm, made with an ergonomic shape, patented by WHAT’S MORE ALIVE THAN YOU® that provides incomparable comfort, thanks to a better weight distribution on the ground while walking.

The Liza Fredrika Aslund’s RECYCLE SHOES will be available in three models with a single color for each model, all characterized by the special orange lining.

Pebble Bag by Tomas Trenchard

Dublin, Ireland – (born February 6, 1979)

Once upon a time, millions of years ago, man lived in caves. I think I was born in a cave. I think so because I cannot stay indoors for more than two or three hours.

For me it was very difficult to attend university and I tried all ways to escape outside at every moment. Staying in touch with nature has influenced my design.

My items are reminiscent of tree trunks, leaves, clouds, streams, so my bag is more like a rock than like a traditional bag. Maybe next time I’ll make something that looks like a proper landscape. Millions of years ago, people lived in caves and this is not very different from what happens today.


Nature inspires the work of Tomás, particularly river stones. In the preparatory drawings of his PEBBLE-BAG offers a multitude of shapes and colors, taking inspiration from natural textures and then summarize his creative proposal in a shape and three colors: warm grey, burgundy and cobalt blue.

The clutch bag consists of two shells made of paper and sand pulp with a waterproof final paint. A lightweight but very strong body, coupled to a frame that doubles as a handle, made of solid and charred wood and then covered with water varnish.

Inside a bag there is a bellows cotton in classic orange color that characterizes all the artworks WHAT’S MORE ALIVE THAN YOU®.