NEW YORK, Aug 6, 2010 / — Fall is just around the corner. With it, some changes in fashion are approaching quickly. For 2010, fashions are tending towards sophisticated glamour with a bit of the 80s “Girl Power” trend thrown in. Basically, the more fun, the better. And the same goes for jewelry.

Five Hot 2010 Hot Jewelry Trends

The Bigger the Better: This fall, you’re going to want to wear bigger, chunkier pieces of jewelry. Statement necklaces, with lots of charms or chain links, are huge go-to pieces. Likewise, chunky cuffs and the large, eye-catching cocktail rings are in, as are big earrings, especially the chandelier look.

Use Metal: Metal pieces are super big and these can be used in a variety of ways. You can even combine that with the season’s chunky coins. Whether you’re looking for a necklace or a belt, using metal is an easy way to purchase a trendy piece that can be worn with a lot of outfits.

Be Bold: Lots of textures and colors are good for jewelry this season. Again, the bigger the better, so you want it to really stand out. This isn’t the season to pick up something that’s understated. Instead, finding pieces of jewelry that is even louder than your clothing will be the way to go.

Motifs: Try using a strong motif, with a combination of elements that are natural, like stones, grained wood, animals – snakes, birds and elephants, flowers and apples. The more your motif is repeated, the better. So, if you have snakelike metal earrings, that twist around or down or from your ears, wearing three or four metal necklaces that snake around one another would be a continuation of the theme and emphasize your statement.

Bright colors: This season’s go-to colors are greens and purples. These colors can be accented with colors that have been trendy the last few seasons – fuschia, teal, gold and dark silver.

That said, just because something is trendy, doesn’t mean you have to wear it. If you don’t like the trend, find a trend you do like and stick with that one. If you think you’re going to look ridiculous, you will. So find pieces of jewelry you like and then learn how to use them in ways that you like them and that are flattering on you.


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