Montreal Fashion Week Spring 2011
Dates: Sep 27 – 30, 2010

MONTREAL, Sep 27, 2010 / FW/ — Taking the red-eye from Dallas to Philadelphia to catch a connecting flight to Montreal, my journey to Quebec’s fashion capital on Monday did not start that day. Rather it started last March when I attended the unveiling of the Fall 2010 collections.

As a journalist, coming to see the Spring 2011 collections completes the impressions of a city’s fashion pulse after having attended the Fall 2010 season. Because the offerings of the Spring / Summer collections is so different from the Fall /Winter collections, one needs both to have a total picture.

With its French heritage and a two-hundred year documented history of high fashion that could be traced all the way back when Charles Worth was recognized as the first ever modern couturier, Montreal’s claim to be become a fashion capital strikes deep in the heart of Quebecers in general and Montrealers in particular.

A lively garment district, well-known retailers in the center of town and design talents who are dedicated to their craft, Montreal has all the elements to become the definitive Canadian fashion capital. And this season, we are following the city’s quest to be one.


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