NEW YORK, Sep 21, 2010 / FW/ — When marimba rhythms started to play, breath-taking gowns graced the runway. Showcasing his greatest strength, Naeem Khan presented gowns of the most elaborate tropical floral inspired beadwork and embroidery.

The choice of lightweight fabrics (silk, organza and chiffon) allowed his work to magically come to life. Head to toe, every look was a true work of art. Jewelry designer and wife, Ranjana Khan complimented each gown with attention grabbing pennant necklaces, drop earrings and statement rings.

A trumpeting white silk with black floral embroidery gown was the first to gain audience applause.

Admiration only continued to grow. Jaws dropped when colorful asymmetrical thigh peaking gowns took us to Miami. The red carpet has never looked so stunning.

When a coral peasant top gown with gold embroidery and pineapple drop earrings appeared, Naeem Khan proved just how effortless glamour could be. A personal favorite was the green caftan dripping in gold.

The piece featured a fabulous lower back drapery twist detail that made sure every woman was remembered as she danced away. Looks were paired with dazzling shoes that screamed Rio de Janeiro, every step of the way.

Gown after gown, Naeem Kahn earned an exhilarating standing ovation.

Photos by Edward Colelli

New York Fashion Week Spring 2011