MADRID, Oct 22, 2010 / — Chicuace, number six in the Huichol language, one of the languages of the indigenous peoples of Mexico, is Cruzcastillo’s sixth collection, a collection which seeks to immerse itself in the creative energy of the peoples of Pre-Columbine America.

The powerful images that emerge from the art of Pre-Columbine America served as their inspiration for this new collection.

Vibrant colours and prints which show the tapestries and embroidery of South-American craftsmen. In addition to printed images, embroidery will play an important role.

Cotton in knit, gauze and poplin; silks, cotton duck and tricot are the basic materials used in Chicuace. Fabrics which, in their lightest forms, create combinations of transparencies and multilayered garments.

Chicuace is a collection both for men and women; some of the garments will be unisex. The visual imagery is reproduced via the techniques that we have always used, such as digital printing, serigraphy and, as we have already said, this time adding the use of embroidery.

Photos courtesy of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

Madrid Fashion Week Spring 2011