PARIS, Nov 7, 2010 / FW/ — An acronym, based on the first letters of the names of two enterprising women – LUISA Orsini (daughter of Prince Raimondo Orsini of Aragon) and Antonine “TINE” Peduzzi, (daughter of Richard Peduzzi) who shared in the creation of the brand and thus dividing 360 degrees into 180.

One-hundred eighty degrees is also equals to the horizon, and that is where two different aesthetics meet and fuse into one.

For Spring 2011, Antonine and Luisa were inspired by German artist Anselm Kiefer, a German artist whose entire body of work argues with the past and addresses taboo and controversial issues from recent history.

Translating Kiefer’s argumentative vision into fashion, Antonine and Luisa used contrasting materials in one bag to denote the clashes and differences. Different textures and color – metallic and matte, patent leather and natural leather, TL-180 do not yield to the dictates of fashion. Rather, they create a new one.