Marchak: “Twelve Months”

During the Russian Revolution, not all of the Marchak family emigrated. Born of the branch remaining in the Soviet Union was Samuel Marchak, a children’s writer and storyteller.

In the 1960s he wrote the story entitled “Twelve Months”, familiar to all Russians.

In the depths of the winter, a little girl is sent into the forest to pick flowers by her cantankerous stepmother and is only allowed to return home when she has a full bunch.

Desperate, the girl wanders through the snow-covered woods until she finds herself face-to-face with the twelve months of the year, gathered around a fire in a clearing.

Moved by her story, they decide to change the order that exists between them so that March can take the place of December to make, in one night, some much-desired flowers grow for the little girl.

The “Twelve Months” range consists of 12 gold, lacquer and diamond rings. Each carries the colours of the month it symbolises and is numbered from 1/1 to 12/1.

This first series will be followed by four other series numbered from 2 to 5. After this, production of the “Twelve Months” range will stop for good.

Each ring is presented in a Palekh lacquer box. The Russian town of Palekh is famous for its lacquer-work and its illustrations of traditional stories.

“Kara Collector’s Edition 2010” Book of Art

Launched on 26 November at Artcurial, this art book is dedicated to jewellery design. Part One, written by the journalist Sandrine Merle, recounts the evolution of jewellery design over the last 10 years.

Part Two is a non-exhaustive anthology of designers selected by the editor of the book and director of the Kara show, Valentine Lecêtre.

This book is now available in Paris from Artcurial, Calignani, L’Eclaireur, Le Bon Marché, Les Galeries Lafayette, la FNAC … and on the Website

Erik Schaix: Stingray and crocodile skin for men

Stingray is currently in favour with Erik Schaix, and not only for women. He has also designed a range for men consisting of wallets, Iphone and Blackberry cases and filofaxes. He chose royal blue, nut brown, grey and of course black!

The entire range is also available in saltwater crocodile skin.