What are your thoughts?…quick! Take out your pen and write them down.

The simple act of taking out a favorite pen from your breast pocket or bag and writing down your thoughts and ideas will never be lost, even in our age of mobile electronic communication. A pen can influence the shape and placement of a pocket, the fabric and the gesture itself.

The relationship existing between clothes, people and their favorite pens is an intimate one.

Issey Miyake Autumn Winter 2011 Collection is one that draws.

-Issey Miyake

PARIS, Jan 20, 2011 / FW/ — In the intimate setting of the Issey Miyake showroom in Paris’ beautiful Place des Vosges, all who were privy enough to be in attendance witnessed more of an entertainment segment than a traditional fashion show.

Yes there were models, a runway, clothing, but there was more than that. The subtext beneath the whole show was based in the different connotations, emotions, and situations in which we feel compelled to write something down.

From a love poem, to a letter home, to directions in a foreign city, Issey Miyake’s collection evoked a sense of nostalgia for the little things in life.

The color palette was a mix of neutral greys, whites, and blacks, but with beautiful blues, burgundy, red, green, and Tartan plaid. The pieces were totally wearable and the chunky knits were dreamy. The playfulness of the show kept us all entertained while the quality and aesthetic of the collection had us impressed.

To end the show, all of the models and designer Dai Fujiwara himself met at the base of the runway to leave a mark on the pristine white showroom wall.

Like a spider weaving a web, one minute there was nothing there and seconds later each person had left a unique and personal note with a pen on the wall. The sentiment was appreciated by the crowd as the final note in an uplifting collection.


Paris Menswear Fall 2011