PARIS, Jan 20, 2011 / — For the first time ever, RA dedicates a separate edition to menswear. Debuting in Paris with plans of exploring the different faces of masculinity, RA turns into a a seamless and lively interaction between art, fashion, music and performance.

Fall 2011/Winter 2012, the exhibition offers a strong point of view, sampling singular voices and pushing new talent. This experimental and playful approach is part of ra’s identity, operating a joyful crossover between creative disciplines.

This season, RA decided to include 16 international contributors for you to discover. Whether they work with clothes, accessories, photographs or instruments, these individuals share a willingness to be bold, challenging their creative limits, searching for alternatives and stepping out of their natural habitat.

Renegades, outsiders, pioneers – these are the ones we feel a kinship with. Their narratives, passions and obsessions will unfold during the event. Allow yourself to be convinced. Get into their story. Enjoy the unexpected.

RA Menswear Paris
Fall 2011 / Winter 2012 Exhibition
Jan 21 – 24, 2011

Rue de la Corderie 14
75003 PARIS (Métro temple)


Kevin Kramp (UK)
Cédric Jacquemyn (Belgium)
Yves de Brabander (Belgium)
Daniel Andresen (Germany)
Tony Hornecker (UK)
Romain Brau (France)
Nicola Testa (Belgium)
Simon Pierre Toussaint (Belgium)
Alice Knackfuss (Germany)
Andrea Cammarosano (Italy)
Frederik Heyman (Belgium)
Romain Trinquand (France)
Adrian Schindler (france)
Telfar (USA)
Elise Gettliffe (France)
Yannick de Witte (Belgium)