DALLAS, Apr 7, 2011/ FW/ — Witty and funny, informative and filled with etiquette lessons, “How To Be a Man” should be required reading for any male over 18. And, if the author edit out the chapter on curses (as in the F words and its brethrens), “How to Be a Man should be a textbook in high school.

In an era of social networking, when we can even get our Facebook updates in our “talking” car, humanity as a whole are forgetting the elegant behavior usually associated with face-to-face communication.

Glenn O’Brien reminds us that physically interacting with others while you are in the same room with them is better than being represented by an avatar in a virtual world. Case in point, the chapter “How to be a Friend” defines the word “friend” as a noun, instead of a verb.

Witty and accessible, “How to Be a Man” is an easy read as it delivers style and etiquette wisdom delivered in lively, often hilarious prose.

In sections titled “Manhood,” “Style,” “Behavior,” “Culture & Society,” and “Wisdom,” O’Brien offers invaluable insights on the difference between a man and a gentleman, style and fashion, the dandy and the dude. It offers sage advice on grooming, entertaining and decorating, communication both electronic and primitive, age-appropriate dress, cursing, fighting, sex, death, and much more!

How To Be a Man: A Guide To Style and Behavior For The Modern Gentleman” is so informative that you should buy two copies – the hardback book and a digital copy for the e-reader of your choice – be in Kindle, iPad, iPhone or Droid – because you can refer to it if you are unsure of a social situation.