NEW YORK, Sep 16, 2011/ FW/ — With the 1970s as the big trend hitting the New York runway, it was not surprising that Ralph Lauren also looked into that decade for inspiration.

But instead of reworking the iconic looks of the decade, Ralph Lauren dipped into “The Great Gatsby”, the movie that made him a household name. And, with a remake of the movie hitting the entertainment headline, it was a great move for the famed New York designer.

Sending a collection that is elegant and romantic, Ralph Lauren was dressing the 21st century persona of Daisy Buchanan. Flowy tank dresses, flared pants and figure-hugging gowns complete with an ostrich boa, the whole collection is a statement on why Ralph Lauren has remained on top of his game for the past 40 years.

Now, the question is, will the costume designer of the new “The Great Gatsby” movie do as well as Ralph Lauren did in the 1974 version. Or better yet, will Ralph Lauren be commissioned as the movie’s costume designer?

Photos courtesy of Ralph Lauren

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