TORONTO, OCTOBER 19th, 2011- Yesterday was the biggest night at LG Fashion Week. Preceded by Pink TarTan, the Joe Fresh show was THE show not to miss, the one everyone was waiting for. Always trendsetting, the Joe Fresh collection generally featured great music, great clothes and great models. This time made no exception.

In a neon pallette of citrus, orange. tangerine and lime, the color block looks were a pleasure for the eyes and a real vitamins cocktail. The whole was fresh, simple and very fashionable.

For next season, the energetic collection features maxi skirt, printed shirt and skinny pants, all in a very sportswear vibe. The full lenght lime dress in a lightwear gear and the orange caban were exquisite.

With Neoprene as one of his main fabrics, the designer gave a modern twist to his garments, keeping up with trends and fashion avant-garde. Quite impressive, when you know you will have to go in a grocerie store to buy it.

Photos by George Pimentel, courtesy of LG Fashion Week

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