NEW YORK, Jan 31, 2012/ FW/ — Continuing the brand’s long tradition of joining forces with exceptional creative spirits, SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED™ teamed up with internationally renowned model and photographer Helena Christensen for its latest advertising campaign.

To satisfy the desire to present something entirely original and fresh to symbolize its newest collection, the campaign is headlined by two faces – a male and a female, instead of the customary one model.

By teaming up with “Unsigned”, Britain’s latest model searching campaign, SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED™ was able to discover the perfect new faces. It was model scout Cesar Perin who conducted the ultimate street-casting marathon during the summer of 2011, when thousands of hopefuls were assessed during an exhaustive search that extended across 17 cities throughout the UK and Ireland.

Helena Christensen met with the winning pair in October 2011 for the exclusive photo shoot that produced the exquisitely seductive images for the SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED™ S/S 2012 campaign.

Christensen stated: “It was a pleasure to photograph two exciting, new and vibrant faces. I think Cesar has done an amazing job and I am delighted with the results of the shoot. For two people to literally walk in off the street with no experience and to work so well together is truly inspiring. I’m sure we have unearthed two people with great careers ahead of them. In the meantime I can’t wait to see the campaign unveiled so we can share our discoveries with the world.”

The new campaign will not only be featured in all SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED™ concept stores, but also as part of the extensive marketing campaigns across the UK, USA and China.

Perin’s search came to an impressive conclusion when a distinguished panel of jurors, also headed by star photographer Christensen, took the final decision.

They selected two faces, Freyja McHugh from Ballycroy, Ireland and Reece Sanders from Nottingham, that they considered were the personification of the fresh look and inner glow that reflected the qualities of the new SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED™ collection.

Supporting Helena Christensen on the jury were renowned fashion photographer Mariano Vivanco, Swedish born Croatian Supermodel Robert Konjic and David Vivirido – Editor-in-Chief of the Barcelona-based, leading international men’s style magazine, Hercules.

On January 26, 2012, Freyja McHugh and Reece Sanders met the world as the new faces of SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED™.

By choosing this unique approach of fresh new faces and the inspired creativity of Helena Christensen to interpret the latest SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED™ Spring/Summer 2012 collection, Swarovski continues to strive to amaze and inspire with it’s own unique brilliance, creativity and constant innovation.

Photography by Helena Christensen

All designs made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

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