NEW YORK, May 30, 2012/ — For few people a watch is just a watch. Women normally own different unique items, which differ in color, size and style.

But these days it is also common, that men select within a bigger collection of watches. The watch is still an accessory that can set a course.

And it can still be as impressive as a pocket watch from a former century. Maybe mobile phones replaced watches in terms of displaying date and time, nevertheless they cannot beat a classy watch in terms of style.

Women and watches

As women usually try to dress consistently most of them have got a motley collection of heirlooms, giveaways and maybe the latest Hublot watches as well. The wider the range, the harder the choice.

Women do like watches as a present but they have to match their personal style. A woman who tends to wear gold jewelry will not be too enthusiastic about a silver watchband. And it is always helpful to consider if she likes to dress in a rather flashionably way or more simplistic. To find something that suits her taste and style can often be the bigger challenge and, if the right watch is found, leads to great joy.

Watches for men

For most men a watch is primarily a functional device. Unlike most women, they change less between single items and do not pay too much attention to the style of the watch. But nevertheless, an elegant watch can be an eye-catcher and should be well-considered.

If a women wants to give a watch as a present she is much more concerned about maintaining a certain style than most man would ever be. She distinguishes between sporty, elegant and business style and will most certainly consider that her accessory fits her whole outfit. But one thing she should never miss is to take his personal taste and style into consideration.


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