PARIS, Nov 14, 2012/ — Make way for a new «sartorial» influence! Denim by Première Vision provides a stage and spotlight for all the personalization and creativity found in the Denim universe.

Spring-summer 14 tends towards increasingly personalised and customisable products. Denim in its raw state becomes a creative medium, blending vintage and modernity, past and future, while remaining firmly in the present.

The central themewill be standing out, playing with codes, and imposing your own vision of what’s modern. It’s all about D.I.Y.!

This season, it’s goodbye to nostalgia for the handcrafted details of yesterday, to caricatural ethnic references, lifeless raws and dreary organics.

Make way for energy and vitality! Denim points up and makes the most of the richness of more precise, cleaner wash-outs, specifically placed treatments, fancier developments and additions of techniques coming from a more fashion or sport universe.

Ever further, ever more fantasy, ever richer, Denim by Première Vision opens the way to spring summer 14 with a selection of exhibitors’ products in three scenic atmospheres: addictive, eclectic and good memories.

The displays are tightly tied to the theme. It invites visitors on a journey into surprising and highly creative expressions of «man-made».


Freely reaching for futuristic dreams, far-fetched technologies, and eco-realities for energetic everyday looks. A different message every day. Customise your denim depending on your mood and passions. The point is to speak your mind.


Embracing a mix of ideas, with occasionally incongruous details. Decoration with a far-off flavour, evoking an eclectic voyage for a modern ode to personalization. Denim is on a journey, telling its own stories through trims, hidden details, and more.

Good memories

Breaking out from classic vintage, and positioning the past emotionally and poetically. A real patchwork of time passing, denim draws on its own memories to build a contemporary story.

Denim by Première Vision
WHEN: 28-29 November 2012
WHERE: La Halle Freyssinet / Paris

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