MONTREAL, JUNE 6th, 2013 /FW/ Following its new online boutique, launched last December, Maison Marie Saint Pierre is now celebrating its first web exclusive capsule collection, which will be available for a limited time.

This capsule collection celebrates Summer with simple draped silhouettes combined with graphic effects. With textile as the main inspiration, this web exclusive stands mainly on the fluidity of cotton mesh. Versatility and well-being movement feel have resulted in playful superpositions combined with fabric transparency.

Offered in various shades of black, chalky white and charcoal gray, it is pigmented with highlights of yellow zest. The Collection delivers an untold variety of combinations, matching the pleasurable lifestyle of the woman who wears it!

Featuring a dozen of items, from dresses and tops, to skirts and pants, this limited edition collection retails, to the delight of many MSP fanatic, between 150$ to 300$. The collection is available in Canada and in the US.

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