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MILAN, Sep 18, 2013/ — Timed to launch when Milan Fashion Week begins, the new “Moments” online magazine opens a window onto the Missoni world.

Missoni Moments is a magazine published in collaboration with bloggers, photographers, illustrators, artists and video makers: because Missoni is also about creativity, movement, originality and the spirit of the present.

The five theme sections – Stories, Visions, Making Magic, Now On, The Place To Be – have names that recur as a leitmotif on the brand’s social channels (Instagram, Twitter), which will always be present on its pages.

This is the leitmotif of an uninterrupted conversation with users that finds space within the site, as all contents will be open to comments, in a continuous dialogue that always sparks ideas and inspirations.

It talks about fashion, people, friends, art, creativity and lifestyles, and the contents will always be new and integrated with the online boutique.

The graphics of the magazine, designed in collaboration with YOOX Group and with a “handmade” look, evoke the stylistic essence of the Brand. It is like opening a door and entering the world of Missoni, characterized by curiosity, warmth, art in all its forms, from the most conceptual to the practical side represented by craftsmanship.

It is a world that finds beauty even in the smallest things, in the unexpected juxtaposition of colours, forms and thoughts, and in the natural elegance that comes from feeling at ease, without strained interpretations.

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