BWGH x CLUB 75 - 1PARIS, Oct 29, 2013/ — “On the one side, a trinity connected on all fronts, consisting of the leader of the label Ed Banger, Pedro Winter, his beloved art director, So Me, and the distinguished founder of la MJC, Michael Dupouy. Three partners joined together for a new label: Club 75. On the other side, BWGH. Two parties, each proudly rooted in the Parisian streets, knights of the City of Light, with their passion and love. A partnership for a pair of pieces and a declaration: ici c’est Paris.”

BWGH (acronym for Brooklyn We Go Hard) is the brainchild of two Parisian friends who wanted to create a label which is contemporary but creative, modern yet respects classic designs.

Since 2010, BWGH has endeavored to highlight the work of today’s tastemakers and influencers. Each BWGH collection is a statement of its time, perhaps even an era.

The collaboration between CLUB 75 and BWGH is a good example as experienced in its mantra “ici c’est Paris”.

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