Uma Thurman in Versace
Uma Thurman in Versace

MILAN, Nov 11, 2013/ — Wearing a red Atelier Versace wool crepe redingote with red silk chiffon inserts on the shoulders continuing at the back, Uma Thurman looked as vibrant in person as in her photos at the 2014 Campari Calendar which was presented early today in Milan.

Entitled ‘Worldwide Celebrations’, the Calendar is the 15th edition in the prestigious collection and stars Hollywood actress Uma Thurman enjoying 12 intriguing and vibrant festivals from around the world.

From Spring Festival in Beijing, the biggest celebration in China, to Hanami in Japan, where people enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms of spring, the 2014 Calendar provides a window on the world and invites fans of Campari to embark on a global voyage of discovery.

The celebrations in the Calendar span every continent and also include Midsummer’s Eve in England, during which revellers celebrate the Summer Solstice at the historic Stonehenge, and the bright and exhilarating Reveillon in Brazil, the biggest New Year Celebration in the world.

On starring in the 2014 Campari Calendar, Uma Thurman comments: “The 2014 Calendar is a stunning piece of artwork which perfectly conveys the positive energy and pleasure which Campari lovers around the world can enjoy through our worldwide celebration.”

“There is nothing more enjoyable than a celebration and I feel confident that people around the world will enjoy the worldwide celebration which the Campari Calendar provides,” Thurman added

The 15th edition of the Campari Calendar was shot by noted fashion photographer, Koto Bolofo, renowned for his lively and dynamic imagery. Bolofo was born in South Africa, raised in the UK and now resides in France so is a true world citizen himself and the perfect choice to convey the Calendar’s worldwide celebration.

Campari Unveils Stunning 2014 Calendar Featuring Vibrant Worldwide Celebrations

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