GARCIA ARTWEAR WETLANDS IDALLAS, Nov 3, 2013/ — Launched last month by Garcia Artwear, the new collection of scarves inspired by the artwork of legendary guitarist and visual artist Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead brings rocker-chic into the forefront with its wearable and highly covetable scarves at an affordable price point of $39.50.

Garcia Artwear scarves capture the beauty of select paintings and drawings created by Jerry Garcia, who is not only revered worldwide as a beloved musician but also gained fame as a prolific artist.

The collection will initially feature four designs based on Jerry Garcia’s colorful, whimsical artwork. The designers of Garcia Artwear have deep roots in the fashion industry. Members of the team that originally created J. Garcia Art in Neckwear, neckties that were a popular fashion staple throughout the 1990s, have collaborated to develop this new collection.

Garcia Artwear scarves are available at and will soon be sold on Amazon.

Garcia Artwear: The Scarf Collection

The first Jerry Garcia scarves feature four distinct styles made of 100% viscose and 100% polyester, in a selection of bold hues and softer palettes. These designs capture the beauty of select paintings and drawings by Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead, telling a visual story of the artwork that each design emulates. Styles include:

  • Banyan Trees : A soft-hued scarf with a touch of breezy sophistication, available in red and pink colorways, inspired by Jerry Garcia’s popular Banyan Trees watercolor. 100% viscose, 68″ x 28″ with 3″ knotted string fringe.
  • Dawn At The Ritz : A richly colored scarf with an artful watercolor effect. Available in original (the colors of sunrise), sage and teal. The impressionistic look emulates the vibrant hues of the Manhattan skyline as seen in the painting. Material: 100% viscose, 68″ x 28″, knotted string fringe.
  • Feeding in the Light : An artistic collage of color, available in original (dusty orange), blue and teal. Based on the painting which is a tribute to Garcia’s deep love of the ocean and skin diving, later renamed “Neighbors”. Material: 100% viscose, 68″ x 28″, knotted string fringe.
  • Wetlands I : A subtle medley of complementary multi-hues creates an elegantly artistic look, in two styles and several colorways. Based on one of Garcia’s first airbrush paintings, Wetlands I endures as one of his most popular works. Wetlands I Scarf: 100% viscose, 70″ x 38″. Wetlands I Wrap: 100% polyester, 70″ x 43″.

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