NE.TIGER LIU WENBEIJING, Nov 4, 2013/ — China International Fashion Week opened ceremoniously on October 25, 2013. At the opening ceremony, a lot of celebrities and prominent figures, wearing fashionable and luxury clothes, gathered in the Banquet Hall of Beijing Hotel.

As a high-fashion brand, NE.TIGER has led the opening show of China Fashion Week for 12 times in a row and it did again for the 13th time under the title NE.TIGER 2014 “Great Yuan” Couture Fashion Show

For this season, NE. TIGER looked into the heritage of Yuan Verse, Yuan Blue-white Porcelain, Yuan Totem, among others. Classic elements were integrated into pop culture trends. And thus, there was a simplification of some of the silhouettes. Still, 3-D contouring was applied, thus creating a new style.

As the successor of Chinese clothing culture, NE.TIGER has made a great effort to collect the Yuan Dynasty’s classic clothing elements that have not and will never fade as time passes, and integrate it with international popular trends that focus on simplification and three-dimensional contouring, thus leading the new fashion of Chinese clothing culture.

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