pandora essence jewelry 02COPENHAGEN, Nov 4, 2013/ — Beginning today, women can purchase the PANDORA ESSENCE COLLECTION at PANDORA Stores in select markets around the world. PANDORA’s new collection of fine jewelry allows women to express their inner values.

Featuring a slender sterling silver bracelet with an accompanying assortment of charms, hand-finished from precious metals and semi-precious stones, the new and meaningful collection taps into current trends for personal expression and emotional connection.

Symbolizing meanings that enable women to express their true inner self and beliefs, the collection of 24 sterling silver charms is crafted from symbolic materials, colors and patterns that represent key values such as joy, trust, passion, confidence, love, courage, faith, wisdom and many more.

Founded on extensive research with the help of thousands of women across the globe, PANDORA ESSENCE COLLECTION is created by women to inspire women, and honors the values that matter most to women in today’s world. “Now women can not only celebrate their unforgettable moments in life with their bracelet, they can also express their inner values,” says PANDORA’s Chief Creative Officer, Stephen Fairchild.

The slender sterling silver PANDORA ESSENCE COLLECTION bracelet features the signature PANDORA lock, and is the perfect backdrop for the collection’s expressive and ornamental charms. Charms are designed specifically for the collection’s bracelet and slide and secure in place thanks to an innovative solution based on a flexible silicone grip built inside the sterling silver core of each charm.

In this way, women can take total control of their styling and expression, taking PANDORA’s commitment to jewelry customization and inspiring individuality even further.

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