HM-logoNEW YORK, Dec 4, 2013/ — Never sitting on its laurel, H&M is now poised to launch H&M Sport, an extended concept focusing on performance, fit and function.

Expected to hit stores on January 2014, the new H&M Sport will offer a wider selection and new designs for more sporting activities, reflecting the increasingly active lifestyles of women, men and children.

The new H&M Sport collection has been designed with input from world-class professional athletes from the Swedish Olympic team, placing the emphasis on performance in garments created with a natural instinct for fashion.

In addition to a new visual identity, H&M Sport will also acquire its own dedicated area in selected stores. The expansion confirms H&M’s long-term commitment to H&M Sport, and its rapidly growing involvement with the world of athletics.

For women, H&M Sport offers garments for a variety of events. This includes running clothes for any kind of weather, including a windproof and water-repellent running jacket along with all other types of running separates; athletic quick-dry pieces; loose and comfortable garments for body-and-mind activities such as yoga; and protective fleece jackets and water-repellent pants for those who love the outdoors. Function and comfort are key to the design including three sports bras with different levels of support, ranging in colors from black, white and gray to hot pink.

For men, H&M Sport offers key running garments such as jackets in block colors or prints and printed T-shirts; athletic gear such as work-out T-shirts; warm-up shirts and pants; and sleeveless hoodies. For the outdoors, there are insulated jackets and base layers, as well as a full coverage waterproof shell jacket and essential tennis shirts and shorts.

H&M Sport has garments for boys and girls of all ages, for play or for practice. The new H&M Sport includes athletic wear such as soccer clothes and track suits, additional sports clothes and tennis gear, as well as swimwear. It also includes unique dancewear and a full range of outdoor sports garments for all kinds of weather and conditions.


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