Pharrell Williams for G-Star RAWAn issue of ocean plastic grows – each year alone, three times as much rubbish is dumped into the ocean as the weight of fish caught.

Now, environmentalists can rejoice. Finding a solution, G-Star’s RAW for the Oceans collection, an innovative denim brand woven from Bionic Yarn – an eco-thread of fibers derived from recycled plastic bottles has been launched.

As part of the Parley for the Oceans project, the G-Star’s RAW for the Oceans collection is now available at the Mall of America (South Avenue on the first floor). Curated by Pharrell Williams, “The RAW” for the Oceans collection is the forefront of sustainable fashion

G-Star has joined forces with its partners, using ground-breaking technology to not only retrieve plastic from the oceans, but transform it into a new generation of denim.

This first collection of the RAW for the Oceans initiative has already innovated over 10 tons of the problematic ocean plastic.

Containing men’s and women’s pieces to support the cause while becoming a part of the solution – style is uncompromised. Matching their internal innovation, the Bionic Yarn denims are printed with an original pattern.

Using the initiative’s mascot, Otto the Octopus, the pattern morphs his organic form into classic prints like houndstooth. An element of discovery is brought to the garments through the prints, especially with their internal application, only revealed with the subtle cuff of a pant. ?

Venturing beyond outerwear, the RAW for the Oceans collection includes jeans, t-shirts, sweats, caps and more – all constructed from Bionic Yarn. Colored in intense shades of mazarine indigo blue and black, fabrics have soft hand feels and durable handles.

The range signifies the beginning of a long-term collaboration between innovators Bionic Yarn and G-Star RAW.

A standout piece of the men’s range is the A-Crotch Trench, a modern trench coat cut from the striking printed, Bionic Yarn raw denim. For women, the Fallden Bomber is a go-to piece for Autumn/Winter – transforming the printed denim into a wardrobe staple.

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