"Seilenna Resort 2015 Collection"
“Seilenna Resort 2015 Collection”

Seilenna is a swimwear line for dreamers. It combines the most luxurious technical fabrics and innovative design to create silhouettes that flatter the natural contours of the body. Each suit is beautifully crafted by artisans in France and Mauritius from material strong enough to endure sea, sand and sun. Each timeless shape is updated with seasonal prints and patterns, which can be mixed or matched as you please.

Fashion Windows editor Darby Radcliff catches up with the talented Seilenna founder Annelies De Rouck who understands that a superbly designed swimsuit is an indispensable part of every woman’s life—and, of course, any trip to Biarritz, Tulum, Montauk or Malibu.

"Seilenna Resort 2015 Collection"
“Seilenna Resort 2015 Collection”

What was the theme for your current collection?

For Resort 2015, the debut collection embodies both a playful and chic aesthetic. Inspired by and named after her three close friends – Isa, Esther and Laila – Seilenna swimwear reflects the personality of the person wearing it. Underneath the fashion details are well-crafted suits that are meant to flatter a woman’s body and make her feel beautiful and comfortable. Complementary cover-ups including dresses, caftans and shorts round out the collection.

The Isa collection takes its cues from classic cinema and the French seaside. Its playful bows are inspired by the 1958 film Bonjour Tristesse, which features an ultra-cool Jean Seberg in a dress with a giant bow that is anything but prissy. 1967’s Les Demoiselles de Rochefort influences the collection’s palette of washed out sherbert hues, while its exuberant prints are derived from the traditional gingham check known as Vichy, frequently found on women’s swimsuits in France. Each Isa style is based on names of characters and actors in the two films.

Esther combines sleek, downtown styling with technical features rooted in sport. The collection’s understated cool permeates in timeless silhouettes and vibrant jewel tones, which mix and match effortlessly. Several of the pieces are designed specifically for swimming without sacrificing an ounce of chic. The names of the Esther styles are a homage to significant women in De Rouck’s life who have been instrumental in the making of Seilenna.

The Laila collection of swimsuits speaks to the woman who appreciates classic styling and exceptional craftsmanship. Combining the talent of corsetry artisans in France with luxurious Italian fabrics, every piece is considered down to the last detail. Imaginative prints and irresistible textures make for eye-catching seaside statements, and each suit takes it name from an exotic species of parrot.

What were your favorite materials and hues used in your current collection?

I love the micropleat fabric that we printed for the Laila collection. The texture adds an extra dimension to the print and the fabric is super soft on the skin. In terms of color, I love the jewel tones in the Esther collection, especially the Amethyst color, which looks flattering on every skin tone.

What are your favorite looks in the collection?

The Kea top and Galah bottom are a winning combo for me, I love how these pieces are feminine and elegant but at the same time I can swim or play paddle ball for hours without having to adjust my bikini once. The Nadine top is also a favorite, it is a strong and sexy piece and it always looks great in pictures!

What’s next for your brand?

For Summer 2015 we will have more cover-ups and we are also venturing into accessories with a sandal and a beach bag. We have great new prints and solids and we are offering even more different styles of tops and bottoms, so anyone can find their winning combination.

Do you have anything else to add?

Seilenna is sold at Steven Alan and Moda Operandi and we are opening our own online boutique at www.seilenna.com soon!

[DARBY RADCLIFF] Photographer Melanie Bordas Aubiès, courtesy of Seilenna

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