swarovski-logoLAS VEGAS, Feb 2, 2015/ — As if Las Vegas is not bright enough, on Feb 26th, Swarovski is unveiling a custom-designed 14-foot-diameter Crystal Starburst which is expected to bring New Year’s Eve-style spectacle to the Strip 365 nights a year.

This unique crystal installation will be housed at the new Grand Bazaar Shops on Las Vegas Boulevard. Representing a first for Swarovski, the boutique is a free-standing pavilion whose exterior is composed of dozens of large, angular facets designed to make the structure resemble a cut crystal.

Inside, the boutique boasts hand-selected finishes—such as linen, paper and burlap forms and inlays—from floor to ceiling, distinguishing it from every other Swarovski boutique in the world.

Eye-catching lighting features crystal-enhanced glass spheres playfully suspended from the ceiling, while specially crafted panels provide an artful platform for the presentation of Swarovski jewelry and décor.

Towering above the Swarovski pavilion, a glittering 14-foot-diameter, custom-designed crystal-and-LED-light Swarovski Starburst emits 911 “rays” capped by custom-cut crystal spheres.

In addition, the Starburst has more than 1,800 multi-colored continuously changing LED lights, which scintillate brilliantly against the night sky. Fabricated by the Young Electric Sign Company (YESCO), famously associated with the design and construction of some of Las Vegas’ most iconic signs including the

“Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign, the Swarovski Starburst provides a stunning addition to the world-famous spectacle of the Las Vegas Strip.

The boutique encompasses 400 square feet and will showcase some of Swarovski’s most popular crystal objects, including jewelry, accessories and some Vegas-only and limited-edition pieces. In keeping with the Grand Bazaar theme, the boutique will feature Swarovski’s first-ever “bartering window,” allowing passersby to negotiate the price they ultimately pay for select items.

Among the items slated to be featured in the barter window are only-in-Vegas creations such as crystallized Beats Headphones in white, black and blue; a Martin custom-designed crystal classic acoustic guitar; a Gibson Les Paul electric guitar and crystallized white, black and pink skulls. Specific items for which visitors can barter will change from day to day.

Each night at midnight, the boutique will become the focal point for the Swarovski Midnight Celebration at Grand Bazaar Shops, a dazzling 3-minute-long light-and-sound show designed to mark the dawn of a new day.

The spectacle was envisioned as a way to bring New Year’s Eve-style excitement to the Strip every night of the year. The production incorporates both the Starburst and a large video screen embedded into the multi-faceted façade of the Swarovski boutique. Evocative scenes from exotic bazaars, as well as the Starburst’s more than 1,800 points of light, will be choreographed to a dramatic original score featuring the enchanting beats of world music.

The boutique will be open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m.

For more information about Swarovski, go to www.Swarovski.com.

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