Aiisha Ramadan Presented By Dhamani - Runway - Dubai FFWD April 2015

DUBAI, Apr 14, 2015/ — From the Fashion Forward Dubai press notes:

Designer: Aiisha Ramadan

Collection Name: City Lights
Number of pieces: 23

Inspiration: AIISHA RAMADAN’S new collection symbolises the re launch of her brand, her signature, her journey of discovery, who she is as a person, a designer, an individual, a passionate human being. The collection represents Aiisha, each piece reflects what she wants to present to the world – simple, refined, elegant, effortless and timeless.

The inspiration for the season is City Lights, inspired by the geometry, the colours, the darkness that reflects from the buildings and the shadows that create shapes, which play on imagination. A million lights flickering are memorizing and the simple lines that define them, like jewels cast in the finest settings.

Each look is perfectly finished with exclusive jewelry, courtesy of Dhamani.

Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images for Fashion Forward

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