Iceberg MS16 (20)

Zabriskie Point, the mountains of California. A stark rocky landscape, dust and heat, parched vegetation.
Zabriskie Point, Michelangelo Antonioni. Explosive power, compelling color, fusion of materials.

Inspired by Zabriskie Point, both by the film and the mountain in Desert Valley, California, the Iceberg spring/summer 2016 collection for men is evocative of the 1970s.

While the American influence is there, the collection is also pure 1970s Italy – its culture and its supreme expression of a country that sets the rules of fashion.

For Spring/Summer 2016, knits dominate as it takes the form of matter to shape and fashion; material to experiment most uniquely with.

There’s a precise reference to that time in history that sweeps through the contemporary essence of the clothes. Knit shirts and polos in stripe, check and bright color block patterns. Wool/nylon yarns for an ultra tactile slub effect fabric. Corduroy too in luscious tricot mode.

Now the Iceberg man captures a clear intent to bring back a more concrete and substantial, less rarefied concept of culture.

Filmmaker Michelangelo Antonioni in the unexpected role of painter, portraying the desert mountains with an uncommon palette of hues. A magnificent array of sienna, rust, khaki and mustard shades.

Splotches, drops of color imbued into the textile, then distorted, dilated and geometrized. They are the endless objects bursting at Zabriskie Point, standing out against the sky – here in gorgeous fabric version.

Suede lace-up ankle boots, leather front band slip-ons, super strappy sandals. Plus tubular footless socks, so very colorful at ankles.

Photos courtesy of Iceberg


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