UNIQLO mickey plays (17)Launched in May 2015, the line of “Mickey Plays” t-shirts by UNIQLO features Mickey Mouse as a professional tennis player and golfer, in the signature stances for UNIQLO Global Brand Ambassadors Shingo Kunieda, Kei Nishikori, Novak Djokovic and Adam Scott.

The concept behind the line is that Mickey Mouse is pretending to be a professional athlete, to inspire others to pursue their dreams and actually become one.

The line is composed of 12 colors and patterns, with eight for men for $12.90 and four for kids for $9.90. Product will be available at UNIQLO stores and online at www.UNIQLO.com beginning June 22. Sizes range from XS to XL for men and Age 2 to 11 for kids.

The T-shirts of Mickey playing tennis see him with his limbs splayed to intercept a ball, completing a powerful forehand stroke, and jumping to swat a ball. One of the golf T-shirts shows Mickey with his arm outstretched, as he ponders a distant hole.

The Kid’s Mickey Plays T-shirts are only available at UNIQLO stores that offer kids’ items.


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