tadashi shoji fall 2016 “Primordial desire is at foot,” Tadashi Shoji wrote in his press notes. In an era where instant gratification, it actually made sense. But the famed designer was not alluding to that. He was referring to the birth of the modern primitive where old ways merge with the new, when the permanent becomes temporary. 

Tadashi Shoji focuses on the tattoo, a symbol of strength and mysticism among the ancient people. From the designer’s point of view, the tattoo became an inspiration for a body suit where he made embroidery resemble tattoo designs and gold as the color.

From there, he expanded his view and proposed that clothes be treated as second skin as he sent figure hugging ensembles on the catwalk.

Beautiful as it is, thought provoking as a collection. Opinions might vary what is right, but there is one thing true about this collection. Women cannot wait when it reaches stores next season. 

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