BERLIN FASHION WEEK Fall 2018: Roll up your sleeves and get to work. The new IVANMAN autumn/winter collection indulges in nostalgia and looks to the future at the same time. Conventional gender stereotypes are discussed in an ironic manner.

The tacky uniform of a cleaning lady has been given a makeover: Flower patterns are now stylish and wearable for the modern man.

In combination with bright acid green and calming black are the colourful details an ironic tribute to the classical flower print and the “Ostalgie”-flair of the cleaning outfit. Calf-length coats, classical trousers and short-cut down jackets:

IVANMAN stays faithful to its clean and simple lines with an experimental approach. The colourful details determine the collection’s character. Accessories made from fabrics like latex and rubber material complement the look.

Photo: Kowa-Berlin, courtesy of IVANMAN


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