The 2018 A/W RYNSHU collection is directly inspired by the singer TSUYOSHI NAGABISHI with whom the designer collaborated on his last video clip “Black Train”. His attachment to Japanese traditions and his roots is omnipresent, confirming his style.

Appreciating words and poetry, he includes lyrics “there’s always somebodywho insists on changing into hope. That’s why I’m still here” and poem’scitations of the artist SAKKI on his jackets, black, as always, a colour that he particularly likes with which he combines a touch of midnight blue, fuchsia, aubergine and lilac.

Alpaca, cashmere, silk, viscose and baby cashmere, associated to metal glitter give to his outlines chic, elegance and rock.

Rynshu loves innovation; he permanently seeks of new technique to enhance materials, as for the black taffetas jacket cut with a laser. Rynshu loves to pay attention to details, he magnifies his jackets, pants and shoes of hand-stitched flowers and feline patterns. He seeks perfection in his cuts, as much for the coats with a hooded collar than for the alpaca cloaks. His complicity with the company Aderance led on this show to a game of wigs, an accessory which highlights the androgynous style of this season.

From this season RYNSHU has changed corporate name from “ MASATOMO Inc. “ to “ RYNSHU INC. “


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