PARIS FASHION WEEK / — Sand blown by the wind on the ancient Silk Road. Since time immemorial, travelers journeying between distant lands have passed one another, and all stopped to admire Dunhuang. Overcome with raw emotion at the beauty of this meeting point of East and West, that has withstood the elements for over a thousand years.

In a modern homage to the romantic spirit of this vanished era, Shiatzy Chen mixes eastern and western elements and reinterprets them to bring out the essence of their artistry through the classic lines of 50s style in a series of exciting new looks that timeless and avant-garde.

The rich coloring of the Dunhuang Murals inspired this season’s color palette—pale pinks, tender greens, golden yellows, indigo, beige, orange, bronze and ink black. The inspiration for the unique fabric patterns can also be found in the Dunhuang Murals, which have witnessed the rise and fall of dynasties and seen countless artisans from different eras.

To hark back the most elegant and iconic era of new western fashion, moreover to express the ultimate unique beauty of women. Use by exquisite wools mixed with metallics and rubber latex that add a futuristic, avant-garde touch and embellished with retro, colorful socks. Sleek, knee-length trench coats, A-line silhouettes with wasp-waisted, and bouffant skirts are all tailored to present a woman’s figure at its best.

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