Not Dead Yet S19Grunge lives at the Not Dead Yet, the label by award-winning Canadian designer Adam Lin-Bungag. Proposing oversized sleeves, raw edges, Dr Martens, hanging chains and studs in silhouettes that have a little bit of Goth, biker chic, even the industrial Brooklyn look, this collection is too polished to be the classic Seattle-sound look yet street-enough to be considered alternative.

“Drawn letters spell out SHAME on the side of sneakers, and printed words on graphic tees hint at the theme ‘Eulogy’- the understanding that in order to move forward we must acknowledge, understand, and learn from our past,” says the press notes, hinting that the label’s name “Not Dead Yet” is partly an homage to famed alternative rock bands of the 1990s. Perhaps, there is even a little bit of Kurt Cobain here.

No matter, the collection’s highlight – a transparent PVC layer overcoat lined with over a red plaid jacket, and white crinkled pants with red plaid strips tied around leg can easily be a millennial’s favorite, though chances are he or she was still a toddler or not even born yet when Kurt Cobain recorded his last song with Nirvana.

Photo by Arun Nevader for Getty Images, courtesy of Not Dead Yet

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