Fashion is an artform seems to be the message of interdisciplinary designer and visual artist Lauren Dreier’s Spring 2019 presentation “Stripes, Strands & Strings.”

Unveiled on September 6th as part of a collaborative exhibition of art, fashion and design, the collection showcased eight original designs by Dreier composed of artisanal pieces made from both traditional and non-traditional material.

  • Strands – Organza and leather on maple and leather harness
  • Dress 2 – PET film and leather
  • Dress 3 – Braided mylar and organza on maple and leather harness
  • Thou shalt not spline – PTFE film, leather and acrylic
  • Dress 5 – White oak veneer and leather
  • Interpolate this – Leather and PET film
  • Look 7 – Stone veneer and leather
  • Pant – Organza, PET film and leather

The event, held from 1-9pm, with the main performance at 7pm, was sponsored by 3dMonstr and BuildPl8, Falke, and Sourland Spirits.

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