Pilar Aguilar Spring 2019Pilar Aguilar, winner of ELLE Mexico Diseña and writer for Fashionbi fashion business magazine, designs fashion pieces inspired by Mexican textile techniques merging with global trends that gives a new identity to the relationship between artisan and designer, creating not only the most fantastic fabrics by hand but contemporary simple silhouette that merge with the cosmopolitan woman.

“A road to the finish line is a collection inspired by the great artists, however, it doesn’t really mean its inspired by their work, it’s actually inspired by their passion. The road to success, the road to communicate who they are and what makes them the dreamers, it’s about the rebels who dare to think in bold colours and outside the box fabrics created by them. Here’s to the ones who dream, foolish as they may seem” Pilar Aguilar, head designer

Write-up and Photos courtesy of Vancouver Fashion Week; Images by Arun Nevader/ Getty Images

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