Giorgio Armani with models (Courtesy of Armani)
Giorgio Armani with models (Courtesy of Armani)

Aptly titled “Lacquer,” the Armani Privé Spring Summer 2019 collection was inspired by the by Chinese lacquer and shrouded in the timeless perfection of craftsmanship. Giorgio Armani has taken the aesthetic of art deco as his inspiration and declared it in a collection with a lacquered effect.

There is a sense of enchantment, a play on light, skillfully created by the sumptuous embroidery on dresses, bodices and jackets, and by sophisticated pieces in patent leather and precious hides.

The slender, perfectly-drawn silhouette is elegant and composed, and possesses a sense of lightness suggested by the movement of infinite, fine silk fringing, with the embroidery delineating three-dimensional geometric shapes and with crystals whose light blends – and enhances – that of the lacquer.

Petite jackets with defined shoulders feature rich details also on the inside, where even the front lining is embroidered. Trousers, slightly flared at the hem, trace the outline of the entire shape. Dresses in silk or silk gauze flow down to reach the ankles, with an air of lightness – as for the midi skirts.

The choice of colors is precise: lacquer red, bright blue, black and white. Delicate blush pink is smattered with decisive touches of red, intensifying the overall effect. Small hats with stiff veils join modern cloche styles covered with thousands of fine silk fringes, many of which are threaded with tiny crystals making them look like delicate strands of light, like true pieces of jewelry.

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