Marni explored the meeting point between the eroticism of body language and the perplexing plan of neuro-connections in the collection “Neuroerotik”  by doing away with respectability and censorship.

The house created a fantaerotic escape game, where each audience member enlisted as a player simply by being present—a game of the mind where each viewer was dared to think what they wished, following hormonal impulses and pushing aside formalities.

Through a palette of sybaritic red, glossy black, silky white, and entrancing pink, gender boundaries were broke, and tradition was pushed aside as chains wrapped the torsos and necks of the models, accompanying leather overcoats, plaid dresses, and snakeskin skirts. Highlights included a flowing white dress with the chain detailed bodice, a black coat layered on top of a printed shirt and dress, styled with black lipstick, and a pleated plaid and red dress worn with red leather boots.

Images: Imaxtree


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