Martha Suarez, Bridal Spring 2020, New York, April 2019


Martha Suarez Couture, is a bespoke bridal design house, known for it’s classic yet daring modular wedding gowns that are handmade in New York City.  Their debut  collection for NYBFW is entitled “MUJER ENAMORED”.  “Mujer Enamorada” is comprised of a handful of new designs, featuring a mix of silk, lace. Several pieces in the collection are ensembles, allowing the Suarez bride to wear her pieces over time.  Suarez designs her gowns to compliment the unique personality of her bride, allowing her to stand out on her wedding day with a dress that can be restyled and worn again, affording her a couture enhancment to her signature style.

“When I began this collection, I wanted to pay homage to my Latin roots. It came so naturally when thinking of silhouettes and details that would emphasize movement and design elements that embody the Latin women. I drew inspiration from Folkloric dresses, their fluidity, ruffles, flounces, gathers, and the mix of fabrics and ribbons. I pictured my bride walking down the streets of Buenos Aires, Cartagena, Granada, Santiago, and la Habana, to name a few. She’s experiencing the greatest love affair, with her beloved, walking through cobble streets to quaint restaurants with outdoor patios, gleaming light bulbs hanging, great food, and bolero music… They dance the night away. Imagining the movement each dress creates, and the use of print and mixture of fabrics, these design elements were brought it to support her love story.” – Martha Suarez

Martha Suarez Couture
S/S 2020


Martha Suarez Bridal S/S2020

Martha Suarez, Bridal Spring 2020, New York, April 2019

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