At the regal Salon Marceau, on patterned wood lacquer floors and against a white backdrop, Faith Connexion’s presented its latest collection—an exploration of styles and eras. Here, Nikola Vasari, the brand’s first-ever Creative Director, celebrates exactly one year at the brand with Spring/Summer 2020 as his second collection.

On the runway, we see a couture street fighter (reimagined in an array of stylish models) seeking urban conquest, inspired by life in France in the 1920s. Freedom and cultural independence, mixed with nostalgia of the 1970s, sets the brand out on a new journey.

The first rebellious sequence we see communicating this are the embellished shirts and dresses—dazzling with details like a large “FC” surrounded by lightning bolts. From there, we saw parachute pants paired with heels, metal mesh fabric tops for men, and utilitarian workwear in an array of hues and patterns. For a look true to the mashup of eras, we recommend the short, dazzling dress under the oversized military green coat with vent-pockets

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