Son Jung Wan Fall 2020Titled “Over the ‘50s,” the Son Jung Wan Fall/Winter 2020 collection unveiled at New York Fashion Week was inspired by the 1950s, nicknamed “The Golden Years” or the “Boom Years” depending on your point of view.

But, we know what Son Jun Wan thinks! Vintage 1950s fashion are golden.

Using bold colors and constructed silhouettes to reinterpret the looks of the decade, Son Jung Wan gave the pencil skirt a generous cut and made the dirndl skirt more tailored. Exaggerated shoulders, asymmetrical hemlines and oversized pleats gave the feeling of being bigger than life.

Meant for the metro girl and the urban sophisticate, the Son Jung Wan Fall 2020 collection easily blends to the rhythm of the city. It is new and vintage at the same time.

The silhouettes are refreshing and novel, yet there is also a certain familiarity. And that is the reason why this collection grabs your attention. And also the reason why many pieces in this collection will be found in many women’s wardrobes come Fall 2020.

Photos by Rodin Banica, courtesy of Son Jung Wan

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