A minimal yet opulent stunning series of photos shot outside of London at a Modernist home highlight Area’s signature play with chain and fabric development infused with their take on midnight glamour.

For their spring summer 2020 campaign, Beckett and Piotrek wanted to highlight what a transformative experience it is to dress up in AREA.

Whether it be for an event, the fitting room in a boutique, or the familiarity of your own home, AREA gives the wearer the ability to create their own fantasy and universe. What is often objectively seen as ‘occasion wear,’ can become subjective when the wearer defines what that occasion is. The idea that fantasy lives within us all is both truthful and profound; we can all benefit from this insight by taking a moment to remind ourselves that even under lockdown, our imaginations can still run wild.

“With so much time being spent at home, we’ve seen several of our clients dressing up in AREA for instagram, their zoom meetings, to walk their dogs, go grocery shopping, etc. The fantasy will always live on because it is something that is manifested from within ourselves.” – Beckett Fogg & Piotrek Panszczyk

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