Travis Hamilton, the Houston based creative director of the fashion collection Negris LeBrum took to the virtual runway this season to debut his collection for Spring 2021.

The collection, was inspired by a phrase made iconic by the now passed social activist, Representative John Lewis,  who made constant mention of the civil unrest as being “Good Trouble.” 

This dichotomy of injustice can be seen throughout the Negris LeBrum Spring 2021 collection. Track suits sitting alongside dressy career options and cocktail dresses walking along side feather light chiffon printed sundresses speak to the contrasts that exist on the streets of every town in the country.  Wholly modern silhouettes are balanced with some throwback pieces that look to be pulled from the glory days of New York City sportswear.  The 80’s and 90’s.

We are a nation and world of contrasts and whether by intention or happenstance, what Travis Hamilton has created for Spring 2021 is fashion’s answer… something for everyone, regardless of age, size, race, taste, or social class.


Negris LeBrum was indeed a real person.  She was a fair skinned creole woman who was considered fortunate to be able to ‘pass’ as a white woman.  When she fell in love and chose to marry a dark-skinned black man, she found herself shunned by both the black and white communities.  Travis met Ms. LeBrum and was so inspired by her story that he asked her to allow him to name his collection as a tribute to her courage, ensuring her name would live on beyond her years.


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