Core, Marine Serre’s autumn-winter 2021 collection describes the relationship between fashion and recycling with an ambitious project, born from her experiences during the pandemic and developed through three different but complementary means: a ready-to-wear line, a documentary and a book that reveal all the stages of the creative and production process behind each item.

The book printed in a limited edition is described “a raw love letter, a keepsake to hold close”, the documentary offers a direct glimpse into the world of the French brand, in which fabrics, shapes and cuts are the results of continuous transformation and regeneration.

Each creation has behind it a careful and complex process that the documentary shows in a transparent way, inviting the viewer to enter the atelier, to peek at the working in progress of the collection. On the screen the images of the clothes intersect and, step by step, come to life until they are worn by muses and friends of Marine Serre, couples, families, children playing outdoors, women shopping or going to the market, people hugging each other.

Core’s 69 outfits are composed of 50% reclaimed styles, with the other half made using recycled fibers. These are hybrid garments that result, not only cool, but effortless and wearable. There are also looks in Lycra or denim, with the crescent moon print, Marine Serre’s true trademark, to which are added pullovers and dresses created from recycled knits; jersey bodysuits, leather coats and pants; fluid black dresses and tailoring garments. Regenerated silk scarves, patchworks and soft plush fabrics envelop the body with a cocoon effect; while the utility jacket now has new pockets designed for hand-sanitizer.

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