Your wedding photos will be your most cherished memories which you’ll definitely want to show off right away. Many years from now, you can look at them and remember your vows, your kiss at the altar, and your first dance.

Finding a skilled rome photographer who can capture your wedding as you want it is essential if you want to relive the day through photographs. Since this person will be with you the whole time on your wedding day, it’s important to find someone you can be yourself with.

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To make your life easier when deciding on this, we’ve created our own unique guide that will help you find the best wedding photographer to help you make the correct choice.

#1. Before booking a photographer make sure you’ve got the venue.

Start looking for a photographer in Rome after you’ve booked the perfect location. Hire him or her no less than nine months prior to the wedding (or even a year, if your photographer is in high demand).

#2. Look for recommendations everywhere.

You can ask your wedding coordinator, managers of your reception venue, or friends who have recently got married and received the most wonderful photos.

#3. Choose the style you want your wedding in.

Spend some time learning about different photographic styles and settling on one that speaks to you. It may be vivid and full of deep, rich hues, or faded and hazy with a sense of longing for the past. Once you’ve narrowed down your search to a group of photographers whose work you love, it’s time you started sending out emails to find out who’s available on your wedding date and how much they charge.

#4. Meet a photographer to discuss things.

When meeting, inquire about the photographer’s experience shooting weddings, look at his or her works in greater detail, and ask whether they’ve shot at your location. Perhaps your photographer works with an assistant to take care of the groomsmen while he or she photographs the bride and her attendants getting dressed.

#5. Negotiate the price.

Some photographers charge per set or hourly and then charge extra for any additional photos or albums you desire. Numerous photographers publish a pricing list that specifies the various packages they provide and their respective prices. Inquire about the photographer’s availability (7-9 hours recommended) and whether or not they will have a second shooter there; the latter will ensure that you obtain plenty of close-up images.

#6. Find out how long it will take to get everything from a sneak look to prints and album.

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