RUI SS2023 puts realism philosophy and language of intimate and free design into juxtaposition.

Clothing, as an extension of our physical body, forms a confinement, a mimetic way of being, an armor against the outside world. It is an extension of our body, and a social tentacle reaching out. It reinforces the real touch, and together with the wearer, forms a close connection between and the human body and clothing. Together, they point to the ultimate source of our unspoken anxiety.

RUI SS2023 collection presents a living spectacle in the post-human era. In the old house wrapped with delicate fabrics, only fragments of broken mirrors scattered around are left to show some traces about the struggles that took place, and secretly bring some hope for reliving a sweet old dream. Shibari performance directly points to our primitive desire of human touch, and evokes consciousness with discomfort and pain. Ropes, sharp accessories, and special-shaped heels are constantly present in the looks for the show. Hence a danger of tearing out softness of the garments is unceasingly lurking around, waiting for another strike to break the peacefulness.

IMAGES: Zora Sicher

RUi SS23 Look 10
RUi SS23
RUi SS23 Look 13
RUi SS23
RUi SS23 Look 21

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