NEW YORK, Feb 14, 2004 (Updated Sep 11, 2009)/ FW/ — Wenlan Chia, the designer behind the label Twinkle is known for her sexy, ladylike dressing, quirky sportswear and a clever dash of the exotic.The youthful urbane feeling of the collection will look good in Gotham, and still be a favorite in the smaller cities of the Midwest, like … Boise, Idaho. 

Designer Wenlan Chia on the runway Spring 2010 New York
Designer Wenlan Chia on the runway Spring 2010 New York

And that is the magic of Wenlan when it comes to knitwear. Her one-of-a-kind chunky hand knit pieces and graphic intarsia knits become classics the moment they are shown on the runway.

Unique and individualistic, the artful weaving of knots and braids of thick virgin wool into elegant bolero jackets, hoodies and robes are timeless… something which can be a part of a woman’s wardrobe season after season.

So, for the fashionista in Los Angeles, Dallas and Chicago would love to have it, while the more frugal and conservative women of the Midwest would treasure it.

Such is the charm of Wenlan Chia’s creations. Her exceptional talent as a knitwear designer transcends physical boundaries and accepted marketing demographics. A girl of 14 and a woman who is 64 can appreciate and wear these beautiful looks.

It’s no wonder that Wenlan Chia is considered New York’s Queen of Knitwear.


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